The Unbound Bookshop.

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The Unbound Bookshop.

A collection of original written work from Clarissima: poet, blogger from 
writer and independent online reviewer of British & international television & Netflix series.

All my published work was originally handwritten.


Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) A Lady Writing a Letter.
 Date. 1665. 1st Jan?
 Courtesy of Google Art Project.
A Man Reading (Saint Ivo?) Date circa 1450.

Workshop of Rogier van der Weyden (1399/1400-1464).

(Both images sourced from Wikipedia 10th February 2017).
These images are in the public domain.

An easy, free application to use as an e book reader for all my epub files in The Unbound Bookshop:

Above is a link to Google's quick and easy set of instructions on how to use Google Play Books.
For a more detailed set of instructions please see the page link on my menu titled "More detailed Instructions the use of the Google Play Books e book reader.

Please note that this is not an affiliate link for Google Play Books.

I am recommending this e-book reader as I tested many e-book readers and found that for me, this one was the easiest and simplest to use for reading my Sigil epub 2 files for sale here. 
Plus it is free and requires no personal information as requested by other  e book readers.  

I also like how you can build up your own library of e-books on one page, with all the covers showing.

Other e book readers are available.  
Calibre is another free alternative.
However, do be careful when downloading Calibre, to make sure you are clicking on the correct green download button!