More detailed instructions on the use of the Google Play Books e-book reader

An easy, free application to use as an e book reader for both downloading & uploading  all my e pub files in The Unbound Bookshop:
This is a link to Google Play Books application on a desktop computer.
It will direct you there if you already have the application on your computer, which is possible.

More tech savvy people will not need these instructions but I am putting them here for those who, like me, did not know any of this information when I set out to find an e book reader that was free.

First: download this free application from the Google Play store and or check to see if you have this app already installed on your desktop computer or phone.

On mobile phones:

You will need to check that you have the Google Play Books application installed on your phone.
At the bottom center of your home screen(well-on mine)
a smaller set of 3 dots which are arranged in the shape of a square represent your Google Applications on your phone.

Scroll down the screen of Google applications on your phone untill you see:

 a blue triangle which says Play Books. Click on this.

Then click on the three horizontal lines which are the menu at the left of the title Google Play Books at the top of the screen.

Go to Help:How to use Google Play Books.
You can upload e pub files from My Downloads on an android mobile phone, a smart phone or an Apple i-phone.
You just go directly to your download files on your phone.
 Click on the file to upload to the Google Books e reader.


Instructions for the use of the Google Play Books e book reader on a desktop computer

You will need to have this application downloaded on your phone or desktop computer.

You can check if your computer already has this application by typing in the word Google into the search bar as a search (pressing the return key/what used to be called enter) and observing the top right hand corner of the screen.

If a small set of squares (3 x 3) appears, next to a bell and a letter representing your name on your Google account: the set of squares represent all your Google Applications already installed on your computer.

Scroll down past Google Play and click on more and continue to scroll down until you see a picture of a small blue book.
 This icon represents the Google Books e reader app.

 Click on the Google Books icon of a blue book and a white screen, a search bar for Google Books appears, with My Library in small text beneath.
Click on:
 My Library.

 Then click on:
 My Books on Google Play.
You will see the screen with the blue Upload Files button on the top right hand corner of the screen appear.
Look for the title My Books on the left hand side list.
 Click on My Books.

A white screen will come up with a blue button in the top right hand corner of the screen called: Upload Files.

Click on Upload Files and a small white box will appear in the middle of your screen with a button in the middle saying:
 Select Files From Your Computer.
Click on Select files from Your Computer to access your purchased downloaded e pub file from The Unbound Bookshop.
Go to Downloads in your files list and then the option of Quick Access to easily find the file as most recently downloaded.
Click on Open.

The e pub file download will upload into Google Books and appear with a cover, on your screen.

The upload may take a few minutes to process.

Then you just click on the cover to read the e book.

The Google Books e reader has these following options:

 Change the font and the size of the font.

 Change the page layout of the book & the height of the lines of text.

 You can center or justify the text on the page.

 You can read your e book offline. Once it is downloaded/ uploaded.

 There is a book marker to mark your page.

 An audio option to listen to the book.


Please note that this is not an affiliate link for Google Play Books.

I am recommending this e-book reader as I tested many e-book readers for my e pub files at The Unbound Bookshop and found that this one was the easiest and simplest to use.

Plus it is free and requires no personal information as requested by other e book readers.

I also like how you can build up your own library of e-books on one page, with all the covers showing.

Other e book readers are available.
 Calibre is another free alternative.
 However, do be careful when downloading Calibre, to make sure you are clicking on the correct green download button!