Homeland Series Six. A One-off Mini-potted Review of the first twenty minutes. Of episode One. A free Pampletino.



Homeland Series six.

An American spy drama series.

A One-off mini-potted review of the first twenty minutes.


So this series has stacked up on my TIVO box. About six or seven episodes, laying there, ignored. Oh well. I was bored one lunchtime and Jackson Galaxy (My Cat From Hell) is no longer on. Boo hoo.

So without wanting to get political other than to say that I jumped ship from Tyrant and series Three of Tyrant (much as I enjoyed one & two) because I’m pretty much all Middle Easterned out.

Tyrant was fun to make fun of for a while. But then all this whole shebang as a genre just got too realistic. Too similar to day to day life. Not sexy, exotic or exciting at all. Just like Homeland. Homeland has had its day . In my opinion.
The original story of Homeland was based on the original Israeli series, Hatufim, or Prisoners Of War in English. Homeland went far beyond the story of Hatufim series one and two (though I haven’t seen series Three).

Homeland really squeezed every ounce of story out of the original one: which was Brody, the Prisoner of war. So to speak.

Not to mention the similar process happening to Brody. Who got rather put through the ringer himself. By who exactly, and who did the worst: you decide.
But I digress.

Yes, after all it is or was Homeland, which was always enjoyable, if that’s the right word. However I only made it through the length of two episode breaks.

First thoughts: oh no. Fucking jazz. Carrie actually riding a bus. In a cashmere scarf. Everything’s cool and groovy. Because they are playing jazz. See.

So it seems they did not tell us quite everything. At the end of the last series. Then we meet the officially sympathetic young man.. I think we can all see where this story line is going. I’m sure he’s just misunderstood.

I’m offksi. Farewell Homeland. You officially jumped the shark. Trouble is you don’t even know it. Or even about the shark.




Somewhere I have a silly poem about Homeland and a Shark. Written a while back. Called The Shark’s Lament.

So I must have thought that Homeland jumped the shark before this..



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