Legion. New Series. FOX Television Channel in the United Kingdom. A free Pamphletino. Legion. A mini-potted review. Of the first twenty minutes.

A Pamphletino.

A Mini-potted Review.

A hot mess. I did try. it was certainly very arty. To look at. Legion was like an old school music video: back when they were all artistic and floaty.


However in this drama’s case a music video would have been better. Because at least you had music, this is like the video but mostly silent.

Except for brief interludes of dialogue. Granted everything is all very arty, in the drama’s creation as a visual thing of beauty: to look at. But just not enough happens. Or happens cogently and quickly enough to be interesting. Urge you on, in interest so to speak.


At the same time scenes and images changed like and Attention Deficit Disorder/ ADHD toddler choosing toys. Or maybe this is the expected attention span now. For scenes. Who knows.

I didn’t really care- enough to find out more. I ditched. I am sure Legion is aiming to be one of those cultish series. But it’s all been done before.

Much of the concepts within the series: seemed derivative. Of older series gone before.


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