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a review from the Russian noir collection.

 Netflix in the United Kingdom. 

Silver Spoon. 

A Russian Detective drama series.
In Russian with English subtitles.

My one-off Mini-potted Review.

London, United Kingdom. 
16th April 2017.




So I thoroughly enjoyed this series. Granted that it took about three episodes to really come into its own and hook me. For the whole series.

The credits and music start seeming supercool. The city scenes both day and night: are stunning.

I was getting shades of similarities with Scandi-noir series: and their beautiful city panoramas. Especially at night that whole speeding up of the neon lights and traffic flow effect.

However this time, we’re metaphorically in Russia. Not exactly sure which city. But it’s beautiful. So are the close up street scenes, buildings and individual places. The interiors of office buildings, the Police Station with its burnished, black painted doors, the tiny flats and ornate old houses, villas and Dachau in the mountains. To name but a few.

Silver Spoon is also a charming tale of the transition of the character of the young playboy, Igor. From his early truculence, troublesome ways, mad cap adventures and exploits into: well let’s just say he still keeps all of these qualities. As a Policeman. Except for the truculence. Which is replaced by a whole new man. New and improved..

The story of stories themselves, since there are other stories running concurrently along with the Police investigations: are suspensefully and cleverly plotted.

The quiet and increasingly affecting, intensity of the acting is sublime.




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